Angelica Steinker, M.Ed., PCBC- A, CDBC, PDBT, CAP2,

Angelica has over 16 years of dog training experience, and specializes in: Aggression, Reactivity and Behavior issues.  She also has a passion for Agility, Rally Obedience, Fun Scent Games, Dock Jumping, Pushball, Lure Coursing and Disc Dog . Angelica has a Master’s degree in Education which enabled her to work as a professional mental health counselor. Angelica used her education as a foundation to establish extensive knowledge in dog behavior and operant and respondent conditioning, the science of how animals and people learn. Angelica has testified as an expert witness in dog bite cases.  Angelica is co-founder of and faculty at DogNostics Career College ( which is an online dog trainer education school.  Angelica is also the National Director of Training for DogSmith which is a licensing entity for dog training businesses in the United States.  

Angelica has written two books. The first one, Agility Success, was published by Clean Run Productions ( and addresses the handler of the of the agility team. Her second book, is called Click and Play Agility, describes the use of clicker training techniques to teach your dog agility behaviors. This book emphasizes play and bonding while training agility behaviors to the highest level.

Angelica’s articles have been published in the Journal of Applied Companion Animal Behavior and the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, both peer reviewed professional journals. She has also been published in the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers) Chronicle of the Dog Newsletter, Dog & Handler, Animal Trainer Magazine, Dog Sport Magazine, Dalmatian Quarterly, and in Clean Run, the dog agility magazine. Angelica Steinker is endorsed by National Dog Obedience Instructors ( and the International Institute of Applied Companion Animal Behavior ( She is also certified as a Dog Behavior Consultant through the Pet Profession Guild (, Applied Animal Behavior Professionals and International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. (

Angelica is a former member of the Advisory Board and faculty at the Companion Animal Sciences Institute. (www.  She is currently on the Steering Committee of Pet Professional Guild.  

Angelica shares her life with two Border Collies and two Papillions. Her dogs compete in Agility, Dock Jumping, Fun Scent Games, Rally Obedience and Disc Dog.

She has presented seminars nationwide including at the famous Camp Gone ( to the Dogs in Vermont. She has also presented at the BARK Agility Camp, and at Karen Pryor’s Clicker Expo. She has also presented on stimulus control and play at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference. She has also presented popular webinars for the Pet Professional Guild (

Angelica is interested in promoting humane training practices and increasing the dog and human bond in whatever way she can.